The economy is really awful these days.  Most of us have been affected by it.  Some more than others.  My friend Kathy and her husband are one of those couples having a very difficult time.  Kathy’s husband has a bad heart that has gotten worse.  He has 8 blockages, diabetes and other issues.  He needs to have a pacemaker and is on many types of medications.  Kathy is taking care of him full time in addition to her having Graves disease.  They live in a family members basement and their vehicle has died.  They are trying to get disability but it has been 10 months and nothing has been approved yet.  Many people wait years to get approved.  They have absolutly zero dollars coming in. 

The smallest gestures can make a huge difference in someones life.  I am hoping that all my cyber friends can make that small gesture to help someone in need.  I know that it is hard out there for everyone.  All gifts, no matter how small, are appreciated. Your donation to this family in need will make a huge difference in their lives.  To make a donation to Kathy and her husband please click on the link to the right in the sidebar. 

Some of you may know Kathy from her blogs Happy At Home and The Eat Food Not Money Cookbook.

Thank you for your generous donations. Please ask your friends to help as well.

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