Today is my baby girl’s birthday.  She is 27 today.  Once again this day has snuck up on me.  I need to drag out photos of you as a baby. 

When you were little you didn’t have much hair.  You were practically bald under this little hat you picked out for Easter.  Too cute.

Easter w/ My Girls

 This picture was taken at daycare when you were three.  It is one of my most favorite pictures of you except you didn’t smile.  Loved the curls and girlyness of it.   You would stand in front of the mirror and sing.  Your favorite was Bon Jovi’s  “You give love a bladlame bladlame bladlame”  Yep.  That is how you sang it.  Earrings were Jewerings.  Marcaroni was brackabloney & cheese.  You didn’t point your poinked. 

So Sweet At Three

You loved your baby dolls and were always so sweet with them.  You would tuck them under your arms when napping and raise up and give them a kiss. 

My Little Mermaid At Dauphin Island

Perdido Key

Now you are all grown.  That sweet little girl ….  what happened to her?  LOL.  You can be sweet but sometimes you are the devil.  Like when I tried to wish you a happy birthday this morning….. “MOM”…Like what???   Okay.  Brief break to get over that phone call and I will be back.  Hence the nickname Shithead pronounced Shi ‘thead. 

(Cue violins) 

Okay.  Back to the sweetness.  You are a kid magnet.  They love you and flock to you.  Maybe because you are still a big kid.

Jen with Kennedy and Aiden

And the dogs….you are the Pippi Longstocking of dogs.  They love you and you love them. 

Some of your “babies”

Sugar's 1st Litter - Coco, Honey & Cookie

Wompa aka Sugar aka Shu shu

Sugar's 2nd Litter aka Puppy Stew

So Cute

To my world traveler –  From mountains

Jen Hiking

 To the beach

Jen at the Beach

From Europe

Halloween in Germany

 To Mexico

Jen in Mexico

AKA Aunt Boo to Kristopher & Aiden

Jen "Aunt Boo" & Kristopher - Both Big Cheesers

Aunt Boo & Kristopher

Girly you have been gone so much I don’t have any of you and Aiden……

I know your sister loves and misses you too

Kelly & Jen in a rare LOVING moment. Booze was involved. LOL.


I love you dearly Baby Girl and miss you terribly.  I hope your day gets better as it goes and becomes one of your most wonderful birthdays ever.



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