Susan over at STOP CALLING ME THAT gave me an award.  Thank you Susan for giving me this award.  And thank you for the many laughs, you redheaded she-devil.


So now I need to get busy and post some of my Kreativeness….

The rules of this award are:

1.  Thank the person that gave you this award.  √

2.  Copy Logo and paste it on your blog.   √

3.  Link the person who nominated you.   √

4.  Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting about you.   This will be hard.

5.  Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers.  This won’t be hard.

6.  Post with Links.  Will do.

7.  Let them know they got the prize.  Of course.

Seven things about me:

I doubt these will be interesting….

1.  I have friends of all ages on the internet.  Some are still in high school.  This is one of my favorite girls, Bella Morte.  She is a photographer/graphic designer.  What she can do with Photo shop is awesome.  She is going to be my model on my sycobytch website that sells jewelry.  When I get the site up that is.
















2.  I once got high on mushrooms.  I was VERY young.  The mushrooms were boiled in water and grape kool-aid was added.  It still didn’t taste all that good.  I started hallucinating but I knew it wasn’t real.  It was kind of fun at first.  The grass had eyes, water ran up, my face felt like rubber.  I thought “This is what it is like to be crazy.  I like crazy”.  But later it wasn’t so much fun.  It wasn’t bad though.  I never did it again.  Some people I knew did it and had a very bad reaction.  They believed the hallucinations were real. 

3.  If wishes came true I would be a vampire.  Yep.  I would have been one in the 70’s.  Long before Frank Langella was so hot as a vamp, a long time before Anne Rice made them so interesting and told such detailed stories and certainly before True Blood and Twilight.  Don’t ask me why.  I watched every scary movie I could at that age.  There wasn’t any cable or vcr’s, dvd’s.  We had at best 3 channels.  The old black and white movies came on late at night and was such a thrill for me.  Do I sound older than dinosaur or what?

Okay.  I ran dry.  I am trying to find something INTERESTING that you don’t already know….so I called in reinforcements.  This will be brutal.  It is from my baby girl.  This is 4- whatever.  

my mom has a shopping addiction
my mom likes Canadian whiskey
my mom….loves shoes, especially cool colored shoes, even though her daughters steal them.
my mom has a twenty-something woman’s taste in clothes, even though she does not wear it
my mom loves avocado
my mom is a self made chef
my mom…….loves purple, but actually she loves all colors, just purple a little more
my mom loves the beach, but only in the early mornings and evenings
my mom was a majorette
my once put wasabi peas in her husbands mouth just to be evil
my mom puts most wedding cake makers to shame, on her first try
my mom can use two colors of oil paint and a can of spray paint and make a masterpiece worth hanging 
my mom loves pink floyd, but she is not close minded, she totally dug king black acid
my mom things Gerrard Butler is super hot

 And there you have it.  Most of my dirty secrets.

And now…..drum roll please……….

7 Kreative Bloggers

1. Kathy over at THE ACCIDENTAL AMAZON.  She is an artist and photographer.  She is using her creativeness for a good cause.  She is a breast cancer survivor and she has created a cartoon, photos and even t-shirts promoting awareness.  You have to go see her.

2. Saucy over at SAUCY\’S SPRINKLES aka Bloggedy Blog blog.  She is constantly creating gorgeous, and I am sure delicious, cupcakes and sharing her secrets.  She creates jewelry, does photo shoots of her cute daughter and many many other creative things.

3.  Kathi over at THE EAT FOOD NOT MONEY COOK BOOK.  Kathi gives useful tips and information along with some yummy recipes.  Her blog has conversions and other useful information in the side bar.  Not only does she give you recipe but she also gives you costs for each one. 

4.  Jessica over at BERN THIS is one of the funniest people in the world to me.  She blogs about her life and you can’t help but crack up.  She has her own creative spin on life.  I keep saying she is the female version of Jerry Seinfeld. Oh hey… I think she is Jewish too.  She recently did a video as “Aunt Flo” to help a good cause for women.  Please go to her site and check it out. 

5.  Linda over at LINDA CRISPELL has a very interesting blog.  She also educates with her posts about artists and photographer that provide interesting information.  She loves all things vintage and makes every occasion very special.  She has been featured in several publications.  You should visit her to see some of her finds and parties.

6.  Natasha over at ARTISTIC CREATIONS BY NATASHA BURNS is a very creative Aussie. I don’t know that I have ever posted a comment on her blog but I look forward to seeing what new creation she has came up with.  She is definitely into the vintage and all things lace and pale colors.  Her creations are delightful.

And last but not least

7.  Deb over at THE JUNKIN YAYA has the most marvelous creations that she sells in her shop.  What that woman can do with old things is awesome.  You need to go take a peek.

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